Tampa Boudoir Photography: A Guy's Perspective

If you follow us on Instagram (Oh you don't?  Well why not??  Follow us at room3307boudoir), you've noticed that every once in a while, we will post a behind the scenes photo during or before our shoots.  We're partial to awesome shoes and fun outfits.  In November, we posted this little peek at one of Miss A's outfits, the boots were a gift from her hubby! So fun! We loved shooting this session!  Miss A is not only a friend, but a fantastic photographer.  Any photographer will tell you that there's always a tinge of nerves when shooting another photographer.  Oh, the pressure!!!  Hehe :-)

We were floored when her awesome hubby took time to write us a review.  And while we can't share her images, we're happy that we can share this review and rare glimpse (for us) on a guy's perspective.  Enjoy!

My wife April surprised me this Christmas after 10 years of marriage with the gift of a boudoir album. This would have to rank up there with one of the best gifts she has ever given to me. Her willingness to get outside of her box, and have a sexy photo shoot done meant so much to me. Words cannot express how much I love this album. I would highly encourage any bride out there to consider this as an option for an extra special gift to give to their groom on their wedding day, anniversary, or in my case, Christmas. He will appreciate it more than you know!

Now, as for Room 3307, there work was magnificent! I am a photographer myself, so I know good work when I see it (and not so good work as well). There work was flawless!! Perfect lighting, even natural skin tones, not over edited, perfectly retouched. I have never seen my wife look better. She is a little more on the shy side in terms of personality, and she said that Carolina and Shem made her feel incredibly comfortable. In fact, she was so comfortable that she has mentioned numerous times how she would love to do it again.

So, if you are reading this review, I assume that you are a bride thinking about whether or not it would be worth it to do a boudoir shot with Room 3307. Please, take it from a guy who was on the receiving end of this gift: it is SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!

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