Tampa Boudoir Photography | Sweet & Sexy Miss Y

During our boudoir shoots we always have time for three outfits (sometimes we'll even sneak in a fourth!), so have fun mixing up your looks!  If one outfit is sweet and bridal, maybe another look could be something black and lacy!  Changing up your looks adds visual interest to your book or album....and makes for a super fun day of shopping!  So get on Pinterest or start clipping ideas from magazines; we can't wait to hear your ideas! Tampa-Boudoir-Photos_0001



Boudoir Outfit Inspiration: This Isn't Your Mother's Nightgown!

Although it's called a "dress" on the Agent Provocateur website, we'd suggest you don't wear it out for a night on the town! This super sexy, eyelash lace gown is as dramatic as it gets! Paired with stilettos and a bold lip color, this would be a showstopper! The only question remaining is, what would you wear underneath? Would you go for a swimsuit or lingerie as the website suggests, or something else? Let us know what you think! Fionna Kaftan dress by Agent Provocateur, a great outfit for a boudoir photo shoot!