Client Spotlight: Miss J

My photo book is absolutely gorgeous! The images are so professional, classy and tasteful! 

The studio is like a treehouse in the sky with beautiful natural light that make the images pure perfection.


How old were you at the time of your shoot?  44

What do you do for a living?  I am a kidney/pancreas transplant coordinator, RN

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?  I wanted to do this for me! I wanted a confidence booster and a true representation of my real beauty. I feel that I am, and always have been, too critical of my appearance and wanted something that I can look at now and look back on when I am older and be proud of - a memory and a reminder that I am beautiful!

Why did you choose Room 3307 to fulfill your vision?  I looked at the website to view the pictures and loved what I saw! The photos that Room 3307 have are so professional and classy! I am so happy that I made the decision to have my session done with Room 3307!

What was your favorite part of your Room 3307 experience?  I felt absolutely beautiful! The team made me feel like a princess and made the day so special. From the minute you walk in, you definitely feel that the day is all about you! Having the photos taken was very comfortable and I was completely at ease the entire photo shoot. You don't have to be a super model, but Room 3307 sure makes you feel like one!

How did you feel after your session?  The session brought a confidence that I feel I really needed as a female who has struggled with somewhat of a lack of physical confidence all of my life. Living in a society where so much emphasis is placed on appearance and perfection, it can be difficult to accept who we truly are and this was a perfect reminder that I needed that I am enough. As is!

What would you say to someone who is reading this and considering a session?  Do it! Don't hesitate! You are worth it!

Tampa Boudoir Photos | Miss M

When we first met Miss M, we were immediately warmed by her sweet spirit, gentle nature and easygoing personality.  Like most of our clients, she had never done a boudoir shoot before, but despite her nervousness, she put her trust in us and went with the flow!  We just loved photographing can see that spark of fun and playfulness in her eyes that we're sure her husband knows and loves! Are you thinking about doing a shoot but feeling nervous about being in front of the camera?  We totally understand!!  Don't worry, we're not going to leave you hanging to try and pose on your own while we just click away.  Just like with Miss M, we'll guide you every step of the way and help you with posing while making sure your hair, clothing and accessories look just right.  :)

Crystal was our stylist for this shoot, and we think Miss M looks GORGEOUS!!  We're kicking off this post with a few images from her styling session while getting her individual lashes done.  (We LOVE how natural and thick they look and feel!)  Enjoy!!

South Tampa Boudoir | Miss L

What more can we say...Miss L is stunning!!  She wanted to surprise her hubby with a little something special, and we think he's going to LOVE what she had in mind! We wanted to start off with a "before" photo plus a few while she was getting her hair and makeup done by the fabulous Crystal of Jess Waldrop Makeup Artists!  We always love this part of the gives us time to chat and get to know each other better before starting the shooting part of the session.  Plus it's a great way for our clients to relax, feel pampered, and mentally prepare to go in front of the camera.  Oh yeah, and we usually laugh a lot, too!  ;)

If you're trying to think of the perfect gift for your husband's birthday or a unique wedding anniversary gift, this is definitely a winner...for both of you!!  Not only does he get gorgeous images of you to treasure for a lifetime, but you get the experience of a lifetime!  (Can't beat that!)  *sigh*  We just love our jobs!!  :)

Have a happy Friday and awesome weekend, everyone!!

Tampa Boudoir Photography | Miss K

We started Miss K's session with two gorgeous and glamorous sets from The Pink Petticoat, and then finished off with something more fun and playful:  her husband-to-be collects comic books and she came up with the unique idea to be reading one while wearing the cutest Wonder Woman tee and superhero underwear!  A-DOR-A-BLE and so sexy at the same time!  We loved this session and admittedly had a hard time wrapping things up!  We're excited to share a few we've been given permission to show...enjoy! P.S.  Does this give you any ideas for something unique you'd like to incorporate into your shoot for your hubby or significant other?  Share your ideas with us in a comment!  We'd love to hear!

Boudoir Birthday Gift | Miss H.

Life whirls past us as dizzying speeds, this we all know.  Faster and faster the carousel spins: making breakfast, ironing clothes, rushing to work, skipping lunch, paying bills, grabbing groceries, picking up the kids from school, dropping off the kids at soccer/piano/football/swimming/gymnastics, making dinner, cleaning the house, helping with homework, crashing in bed, starting all over again....where do we fit time in for ourselves?  How often do we, as women, do something special just for ourselves?  (No, taking a shower doesn't count!)  All too often, our own needs and wants get pushed to the side because we just don't feel entitled to drop everything (our responsibilities, families, kids, chores, jobs, etc.) and spend a day dedicated entirely to ourselves.  Just ONE day.  How sad is that? At Room 3307, we feel that it's so important for every woman to take some time to slow down, take a step away from her everyday life and reconnect with who she is as a woman.  Why wait for life to slow down?  (It won't, by the way!)  We have to make the decision to take a deep breath, close our eyes and step off the carousel...and then revel in the calm and beauty to be found once the world stops spinning.

For her 39th birthday (that's not a typo...yes, we know she looks 29!), Miss H's husband asked her what she'd like as a gift.  Her answer?  To take a day away from the spinning wheel and reconnect with herself as a woman with a boudoir photo shoot.  What a great husband she has!  He researched boudoir studios in the area and his searching led them to us!  He even accompanied his wife to her pre-session consultation, which we thought was very sweet.  :)  We loved that Miss H could come to us and spend a day where the focus was completely on her...what a perfect birthday gift!  No kids, no responsibilities, no pressure...just lots of attention, pampering, encouragement, affirmation and FUN.  It was an amazing day that none of us wanted to end!

It's our hope that the feelings our clients feel during their experience with us linger beyond the day of the shoot and stay with them for a lifetime.  That when they do reconnect with the woman inside that may have gotten lost underneath the layers of daily life, that connection remains and she walks a little taller, takes a few moments every day to silence the noise and reflect on her own beauty and worth, and maybe even sneaks a wink at herself when she passes the hallway mirror.

This is what happened when Miss H. took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and stepped off her carousel: