Bridal Boudoir For Wedding Gift

Bridal boudoir sessions are such a fun, growing trend right now, and we were so excited when Miss M came to us to create a special gift for her husband on their wedding day!  (See her blog post here.) We were even more excited when she e-mailed us yesterday to send us a few images from her wedding day of her husband opening his gift!  So with her permission, and the permission of her amazing wedding photographer, Marissa Moss, we're happy to share the absolutely priceless images below:

Groom opening boudoir book gift on wedding day, perfect wedding day gift! Photo by Marissa Moss

Bride giving her husband her boudoir book as a wedding gift, photo by Marissa Moss Photography

A groom opens his boudoir book surprise gift from his wife on their wedding day! Image by Marissa Moss, boudoir session by Room 3307 in Tampa, Florida

Groom opening his boudoir book gift from his wife on their wedding day, what a great surprise! Image by Marissa Moss Photography

A boudoir book makes such a perfect wedding day gift! Image by Marissa Moss Photography, boudoir session by Room 3307 in Tampa Florida


Don't you just LOVE the look on his face??  This is a huge part of why we do what we do...and because it's so rare for us to see what happens once we deliver the final product into our clients' hands, these images mean even more to us!  Thank you so much for sharing these, Miss M!  And congratulations on your beautiful wedding and marriage to your lucky man!



To see more of their gorgeous, vintage, travel-themed wedding, check out Marissa's blog post here!  :)