Boudoir Birthday Gift | Miss H.

Life whirls past us as dizzying speeds, this we all know.  Faster and faster the carousel spins: making breakfast, ironing clothes, rushing to work, skipping lunch, paying bills, grabbing groceries, picking up the kids from school, dropping off the kids at soccer/piano/football/swimming/gymnastics, making dinner, cleaning the house, helping with homework, crashing in bed, starting all over again....where do we fit time in for ourselves?  How often do we, as women, do something special just for ourselves?  (No, taking a shower doesn't count!)  All too often, our own needs and wants get pushed to the side because we just don't feel entitled to drop everything (our responsibilities, families, kids, chores, jobs, etc.) and spend a day dedicated entirely to ourselves.  Just ONE day.  How sad is that? At Room 3307, we feel that it's so important for every woman to take some time to slow down, take a step away from her everyday life and reconnect with who she is as a woman.  Why wait for life to slow down?  (It won't, by the way!)  We have to make the decision to take a deep breath, close our eyes and step off the carousel...and then revel in the calm and beauty to be found once the world stops spinning.

For her 39th birthday (that's not a typo...yes, we know she looks 29!), Miss H's husband asked her what she'd like as a gift.  Her answer?  To take a day away from the spinning wheel and reconnect with herself as a woman with a boudoir photo shoot.  What a great husband she has!  He researched boudoir studios in the area and his searching led them to us!  He even accompanied his wife to her pre-session consultation, which we thought was very sweet.  :)  We loved that Miss H could come to us and spend a day where the focus was completely on her...what a perfect birthday gift!  No kids, no responsibilities, no pressure...just lots of attention, pampering, encouragement, affirmation and FUN.  It was an amazing day that none of us wanted to end!

It's our hope that the feelings our clients feel during their experience with us linger beyond the day of the shoot and stay with them for a lifetime.  That when they do reconnect with the woman inside that may have gotten lost underneath the layers of daily life, that connection remains and she walks a little taller, takes a few moments every day to silence the noise and reflect on her own beauty and worth, and maybe even sneaks a wink at herself when she passes the hallway mirror.

This is what happened when Miss H. took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and stepped off her carousel: