Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

His name is Alex and I was smart enough to marry him exactly 10 years ago today.  I have loved this man for 17.5 short years that seem to have passed with the blink of an eye.  What a life we've grown together.  Because that seems to be the common theme in our story.  Growth.  Through all the absolutely great times, we've grown.  Through all the arguments and disagreements, we've grown.  Through infertility and eventually havign two little ones, we've grown.  We've grown as individuals, which in turn helped us grow as a couple.  Together we're unbeatable, we're undefeated, we're the mother freaking dream team!  Life is {easy, exciting, simple, crazy, fun, chill}, it's everything because of you.

I love the hidden meaning behind the name Room 3307.  The number comes from one of the very best days of my life.  My wedding date: 3/3/07.  Happy anniversary my little ballface, my thinnest cut slice.  Thank you for always indulging me even when I ask you to dress up at 11:30PM on a school night, set up a studio in our dining room and set a self timer to commemorate 10 years...all while our girls slept upstairs.  I love how this photo turned out...it's very much US.

Life is but a beach chair...